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      ? 調香術被譽為是“嗅覺的藝術”。 
        Perfumer is the artist of smell

      ? 憑著對香氣的激情和不斷滿足消費者欲望的成功之心,市場人員準確把握市場流行趨勢。

        With the passion for odors and the desire to constantly meet the success of the heart of consumers, marketing expertises accurately capture the market trends.

      ? 致力于香料和氣味研究的科學家們用畢生精力從自然中尋找具有迷人氣味的物質,并把他們變成原料。

        Scientists who study aromatic ingredients and odors spend their lives searching for substances in nature that have attractive odors and turning them into raw materials.

      ? 每一位調香師,都是敏感、知性、具有創新能力的藝術家,他們用激情、專業和熱愛創造出神奇的、令人著迷的新味道。
        Every perfumer or flavorist is a sensitive, intellectual and innovative artist who uses passion, professionalism and love to create amazing and captivating new fragrances or flavours.

      ? 把我們的香精做成令消費者感官愉悅的新產品,讓每個人感受到生活的幸福,是我們畢生的追求。
        It is our lifelong pursuit to make our fragrances and flavours into a new product that makes consumers feel pleased and makes everyone feel happy.